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Annual General Membership Assembly

3rd General Assembly

After the post-deliberation meeting of the 2nd General Assembly, the Technical Working Group (TWG) of this year’s General Assembly led by Brother Mike Gonzales was immediately in full gear to continuously improve APO United’s GA event. One of their main objective is to gather all members worldwide so that each member would be able to experience a once in a life-time fellowship assembly that is innovative, meaningful, productive and full of surprises. Venue was set to be at the Forest Lodge Hotel in Baguio City. However, because of the COVID 19 pandemic, the annual event was held in abeyance for a while as the TWG awaits further advise from the Board of Trustees and Executive Officers.

The Home of the Lambs and the Lions

The Home of the Lambs and the Lions is the official annual souvenir program and digital publication of APO United. Why the Lambs and the Lions? Because as members, we are constantly challenged to manifest and demonstrate both the characteristics of a Lamb and a Lion. A Lamb that is gentle, humble, and obedient as exemplified by peaceful people, and a Lion that depicts strength and boldness as exemplified in brave and courageous people.