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APO United- Bangon Marawi

I am very thankful to God that our team of APO UNITED Members and Volunteers which I led to MARAWI CITY, Lanao del Sur to provide moral assistance, as well as, financial and material support to our gallant Filipino troops from the AFP and PNP have successfully accomplished the mission without any horrible incident that happen to us.

At the outset, we knew of the dangers of our mission, but comparing the magnitude that our troops and the residents in Marawi have suffered and continue to suffer, the risk we took was nothing at all. The happy faces, smiles, embraces, hugs and tight handshakes I got from them in return are enough to melt my heart and fill my soul!

Thank you too to all those who supported me and APO UNITED for this continuing mission, our 2nd thus far and more have yet to be done. I cannot name them all but they know who they are.

Thank you to President Rodrigo Duterte and our AFP, PNP, other government agencies and LGUs for making our country safer from and more secure from the spreading reign of ISIS terrorism that is engulfing many nations.Let us pray and give our share to make us live in a continuing peace!

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