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2nd General Assembly @ Monarch Hotel in Calasiao, Pangasinan

The second General Membership Assembly was a great success and a class of its own with the theme “Economic Empowerment: The Key to APO United’s Sustainable Growth”. It was graced by the presence of notable APO dignitaries, members, friends and guests including Brothers Secretary Bebot Bello and Assistant Secretary APO-PNP Marnie Alquiza of the DOLE. Led by Brother Art Libot as the GA Chair, it was held from August 16-18, 2019 at the Monarch Hotel in Calasiao, the newest and grandest European -inspired events place in the whole of Pangasinan Province.  Moreover,  Brother Bobby Padilla and other  APO United members in Pangasinan led and coordinated a River Clean-Up Drive at the Municipality of Mangaldan to promote and support the environmental advocacy of the organization.


Full smiles as Brothers and Sisters greeted each other with a warm and firm left handshake in the registration booth. APOu members from different walks of life from different regions came together for one reason with this year’s theme: “Economic Empowerment: The Key to Alpha Phi Omega United Sustainable Growth”. It was a beautiful day. Everyone gathered outside of the hotel’s patio for a group picture before the program proper started. First on the list was the entrance of colors parade followed by the APOu Board Members, Executive Officers and regional members respectively. The day never got away without the seminar workshop on how the economic empowerment of each members would help in the organization’s sustainability. Finally, it was capped by a stylish and elegant formal dinner and fellowship celebration night with very special guests and entertainers.

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