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Mangaldan River Clean-Up Drive

APO United together with the Local Government of Mangaldan held a simultaneous river cleanup activity at Mangaldan River on Friday August 16, 2019 for the Adopt A River Project of the 2nd General Assembly of APO United in Pangasinan. This service project was spearheaded by Brother APOu President Danton Pajarillaga, Brother GA Chairman Art Fiesta Libot together with APOu Director and Founder Brother Sec. Raul Lambino in coordination with Brother Bobby Padilla of APOu Pangasinan.

They urged the local folks and other stakeholders, especially those living near the river system  to clean up and protect the river and its passage ways regularly. ]By making it a habit, the people and the younger generation would be able to enjoy the full benefits of the river, including its beauty and various marine life and resources.

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