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1st Global Zoom Video Confab

Good Morning APOU Brothers and Sisters!

It was truly a very successful Zoom Confab we had last night (Jul 4, 2020 @8:00pm). Our heartfelt thanks to our Chairman Brother Raul for having thought of it and to our IT Team headed by Brother Joel for making it a reality. As Brother Percy said, the event was “historical” and truly significant not to miss, but to be a part of it. We learned a lot from each other especially how we fared under the Covid 19 pandemic, how we missed all past gatherings and how we all look forward to interact physically when the pandemic situation is over.

As mentioned by our Chairman, this type of gathering (Zoom Webinar/Confab) would be the “new normal” or “new reality” that we would be pursuing under the obtaining pandemic situation. Hence, that was our first and expect more of the same on APOU’s table of activities soonest. As we always say, “there is always a way when there seems to be no way”. We also welcome our new members to APOU hoping our organization meets your expectations thereby eliciting your wholehearted commitment and support. There are lots of reasons why we are here and why we believed in this organization. We do hope you’ll adjust in less time and actively support the organization and its members.

Lastly, we should congratulate each other for the success of this significant undertaking (the pictures posted here speak for these). Hope to see you again in the next Zoom Confab. May GOD keep us all healthy and safe and bless APOU more. I love you all! WWAB!

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