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A New Paradigm of Changes

One literary book I read is about changes. It is stated that changes are inevitable and the only constant on earth are death and taxes. Changes may take in many forms, a change in attitude of a person is the result of his change in values and beliefs brought about by a new experience or phenomenon. On the other hand, a bigger and more complex area of changes are organizational in nature. These are organizational changes.

Change in the organization is the result of factors like a change in leadership or because of a compromising events which are beyond the control of the management of the organization, Just like the changes in any person, the changes in the organization will result to a new paradigm to all the individuals within the organization. As a result, it will bear new organizational values, philosophy, structure and resources.

Generally, the outcome of changes increase organization dynamism and effectiveness to carry its objectives, and the efficiency to utilize its resources and innovation of an old system to deal with the harsh forces of the external and internal environment,

Relative to this, I was inspired of a story from a friend who is a member of a well known organization in which this organization is very popular both in local and international level. The organization is very active in promoting and preparing the youth to become leaders in the community and to be an icon in the business and politics. Also, it is worth mentioning that this organization’s selfless dedication to provide services to all people in all walks of life regardless of your strata in the society and their very friendly culture makes them very approachable and easy to deal with.

Recently, some of the members of this organization were in zest of forming a niche group whose aim is to be more dynamic and transparent in dealing to all concern members. The actions done by this group should not be viewed as undesirable in nature or to its effect as long as they have good intentions to promote the mission and vision of the organization and to carry the principles embedded in the heart and soul of all its members. This group would like to set aside differences caused by political ideals and vested interest which resulted to a more unstable environment in the organization. I was surprised with this story because of the peculiarity that took place that can be viewed as a phenomenon which may also happen to other organizations. A new concept of group dynamics was formed and this should not be viewed as a negative precedent, instead this concept should be welcomed and viewed as a New Paradigm of Organizational Changes. A paradigm which will change the landscape of all organizations towards transformation.

Originally published on The Home of the Lambs and the Lions 2019

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