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Birth of A New Beginning

“Change has come.”  This is the expression President Rodrigo Duterte echoed when he ran for the highest elective position in our land.  Undeniable, when he speaks of change, reactions are varied.  Some accept it without question while others display some sense of resistance.  The later perceive any change as an alteration of the status quo which can definitely impact their lives negatively.  Expecting that there will be resistance to change and being prepared to manage it is a proactive step. Recognizing behaviors that indicate possible resistance will raise awareness of the need to address the concern.

In the APO United, change has been the rallying ground for the segmentation that is inevitable in the order of our ranks and system.  In the words of American author and speaker John Maxwell, “the pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjust the sails.”  Let us be the leader who will adjust the sail of our fraternal organization.  The clamor for improvement in our governance and direction stems from the desire for improvement.  Progress is impossible without change.  Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.

Allow me to restate the APO United mission: To create programs and institutions that propel value formation and the development of young Filipinos to become responsive and responsible leaders and establish and carry on a development framework that encourages and underscores volunteerism, honesty, unity, solidarity, integrity, and transparency at all times.” In sum, the mission of APO United calls for a leader who is committed and steadfast yet who tempers his leadership with compassion and inspiration-one who will also practice accountability for his actions as he stewards the organization.  This now leads me to state the APO United’s vision, that is: “by 2025, the APO United as the prime mover will make the fraternity and sorority the top producer of quality leaders with the compassionate hearts to serve God, country, people and nature; marshalling resources that will support it’s lofty programs for the organization in general and well-being of it’s members in particular.”

There is no argument that by sticking with our principles and by rallying behind the APO organization, we can achieve our mission and vision. I truly feel, deep in my heart, that APO United will help pave the way for the transformation of APO, it’s value, it’s core, and perhaps how people perceive it. Let us all embark for good causes and be triumphant in the end. In short, a leader who will lead us by example and not create any infighting and divisiveness among his constituents – a leader who will observe transparency in his dealings at all times. Along this line an appeal is in order. Allow me to challenge everyone to do their fair share for us to achieve our goals and dreams. Involvement with vigilance and vigor tempered by dedication and strong commitment to the principles and values of the APO United are the necessary ingredients, without which we may just fail to reach what we have long inspired for.

Originally published on The Home of the Lambs and the Lions 2019

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