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Economic Empowerment: The Key to APO United’s Sustainable Growth

Experts define economic empowerment as the capacity of men to participate in, contribute to and benefit from growth processes in ways that recognize the value of each one’s contributions.

With this year’s General Assembly theme “Economic Empowerment: The Key to APO United Sustainable Growth”, it gives me immense joy and pride to be a part of our community as we are all comparable to branches of the same tree expanding and reaching out to make a difference in this world.

The APO United sustainable growth is a realistically attainable development that our group can achieve and maintain without running into issues. A challenge that we have been facing and I must say we have been tested by time and adversities making Alpha Phi Omega adapt and make sustainable growth happen.

Our resilience paired with brotherhood and guided by our motto “Be a Leader. Be a Friend. Be of Service” are the secret ingredients that sustain the impeccable flavor and taste of our organization. These are the very same elements, the basic foundation of our Fraternity and Sorority that hold all members together for the greater good of all— again a major contributor to our sustainable growth. In Tagalog, we say “Kaya matibay ang walis dahil ito ay nakabigkis.”

APO UNITED with its vision to serve God, Country, People and Nature can only perform sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) with well-funded, well-planned and systematically organized projects.

As we professionalize our ranks, our successful members have generously offered their experiences and talents to mentor upcoming businessmen and businesswomen, small to medium enterprises, livelihood projects and business and professional collaboration among members with common interests and advocacies. Hence, the creation of several groups of Alpha Phi Omega Professionals and Businessmen and more to come has been initiated by APO United.

The aim is to Unite fellow APO members and be productive to share and collaborate with one another, to Strengthen their common business and professional interest, build a good APO Network along with their supporters and private partners and accelerate the best potentials with passion and corporate mindset while on the sidelines, they would still contribute to APO United CSR’s various projects and advocacies as an Alpha Phi Omega Servant!

As we stand at the threshold of a new chapter in APO thru APO United, may we continue to remember the basic Doctrines and Principles that uphold our mission and principles and above all keep the fire of Leadership (ALPHA), Friendship (PHI) and Service (OMEGA) burning!

Happy Second Grand Assembly!

Originally published on The Home of the Lambs and the Lions 2019

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