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Revisiting the United 1925 Paddlers Club, Inc.

Kaunting baliktanaw po muna tayo…

1925 Paddlers Club Philippines

The 1925 Paddlers Club Philippines was formed by a group of​ dragon boating enthusiasts and also a member of Alpha Phi Omega fraternity at the CCP Complex bayside area and officially affiliated to Amateur Rowing Association of the Philippines (ARAP) in August 30, 1998. The team was first officially known as APO DRT (Alpha Phi Omega Dragonboat Rowing Team). ​

The team that was first conceptualized by ​Bro. Hernan Caneba, founder and the first team president, came to reality by the help of Bro. Oswald Go. The first team captain with the support of the following team ​charter members:

  • Bro. Solphi (Delta)
  • Bro. Aris Areola (Gamma Epsilon),
  • Bro. Christopher Espinosa (Eta Kappa),
  • Bro. Alvin Ramos (Omega),
  • Sis Indera Tarhatta Pungutan (DB)

In year 2000, because of different individual priorities, the team decided for temporary disbandment. After two years,​ Hernan Caneba and Dennis Altea of Epsilon Nu reorganized the team and decided to invite a Non-AphiO members to be part of its team. This idea has been unanimously decided to give chance to non-AphiO to experience the organization unique ideals and principles such as Leadership, Friendship and Service.

March 10, 2002, the 1925 Paddlers club Philippines was formally recognized by the Philippine Dragon Boat Federation, with the support of the following brothers:

  • Bro. Eric Mariano (Delta Xi)
  • Bro. Joseph Malabanan (Epsilon Nu)
  • Bro. Romulo “Jun” Reyes (EN)
  • Bro. Jun Luces (Aims Pet.)
  • Emerson Delos Santos

Hernan Caneba envisioned to establish an organization that would promote leadership, friendship, service through the sport of dragon boat. He believed that dragon boat is a type of sport that would bring together brothers and sisters together from different chapters because of the proximity of training area from schools. ​More so, the sport is unique in itself and is being participated by numerous clubs and organization coming from different colleges and universities, government institutions, and the national team, thus promoting camaraderie and great exposure for its members.

WATCH: United 1925 Paddlers Club @ 19 Years

Our Motto

Our motto, in conjunction with the Philippine Dragon Boat Federation, is..

“Leadership, Friendship and Service through paddling.”

Our purpose is to encourage the building of friendships not only within the team but across the country and possibly the world through common interest, excitement, and healthy exercise associated with paddle sports especially dragon boat competition. We aim to re-invent the meaning​ of paddling which is popular in the world of fraternity organization that relates to initiation, to a new concept of team-building and sportsmanship.

Our Vision

The vision of 1925 Paddlers Club Philippines is..

“To enhance the attractiveness of our community by providing unique opportunities for recreation and sport impacting the health to all of its members.”

As we look to achieve this vision, we have established several goals. They are as follows:

  1. ​To ensure the future of the sport of dragon boating in the Philippines and participate in local and national challenge and competitions.
  2. ​To promote friendly and cultural exchanges by opening the club’s door to any members of the community regardless of sex, religion, political affiliation and race without discrimination.
  3. ​To grow the sport of dragon boating​ by enticing APHIO members to participate its leadership and friendship beyond APHIO
  4. ​To promote healthy life styles by discouraging negative vices such as smoking and use of prohibited drugs especially on youth.
  5. To render services that will contribute to uplifting sports.

Our Commitment

We hope to educate the public on preserving our Manila Bay and contribute to helping our environment, its beauty and its potential for development for recreation. We believe that the club’s continued participation through this sport has been instrumental in focusing attention on the preservation of Manila Bay. This also gives us an opportunity to educate and encourage the public to use the Bay not only for leisure but also for fitness activities. We will continue to do this by offering the opportunity to experience the healthy, environmentally friendly, fitness activities of paddling and any other water sports. We will vigorously encourage many individuals to get them fit for the teams racing experiences.

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